We’re not normally this rude but hopefully it provokes you to join in some crafty activism – for Superman’s sake!

Hello craftsters far and wide!

As an ever increasing global network of people who craft and people who care, this is the place to spread the word about how people can get involved wherever they are in the world in a group or on their own.

If you’ve not already clicked on the big shiny GET IN TOUCH buttons on the HOME page then read on…


For LONDON and GLOBAL news and events check out our main points of contact below:

Email us at this slightly weird looking, but spam-bot-evading address

craftivist[dot]collective[at]gmail DOTcom

Catch us on the Tweet side @craftivists & Instagram on @craftivists too!

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We’re delighted that people are getting together to become crafty activist groups so check below to see if there’s one near you.  FEAR NOT if there isn’t one! You can always use our Facebook group to give a shout out for crafters in your area, indeed like proud parents we’ve seen many a crafty union formed there. But also remember that it’s also really beneficial for you to do some of your craftivism project alone so you have time and space to reflect deeply on the issues whilst stitching without the worry of distractions. See this blog for more information on the benefits of crafting alone by Betsy Greer. So remember that it’s great meeting like minded craftivists but if you can’t find a group near you & you can’t set up a stitch-in event for friends, family or people in your area that really shouldn’t stop you doing craftivism.

BANGOR- Facebook

CARDIFF- Facebook

MANCHESTER – @craftivismMCR & Facebook & Craftivismmcr[at]hotmail DOTcom

READING- Little Stitches Facebook


There may be a group in your area that hasn’t been sucked into the web of social media and could still use the good old fashioned method of a poster in the local newsagent’s window to advertise, so be sure keep your eyes peeled when you nip in for that pint of milk.   

Check out our LINKS page for some inspiration from fellow Craftivists and Collaborators 


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Craftivism,

    I am contacting you from The Challenge we are a youth and communtiy charity that work with 16 year olds, I work with a group of 8 young people who are looking to run a campaign around the ‘IF’ campaign. They want to contact their local MP’s about the issues the ‘IF’ campaign raises.

    I was wondering if you were able to come along and run a session with the group, we meet on a Wednesday 6pm – 8pm at our office in Stretford Manchester.

    Hope you can come along


    • Hi Hannah 🙂 Thanks for getting in touch. The best thing to do is email us at Craftivist DOT collective AT gmail DOT com and we can have a chat. Hope to hear from you soon and it’s great news your young people are supporting the IF campaign 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    Can I ask a theoretical question?

    How would you compare your work/activism to street artist and graffiti artist? Is it type of political commentary/ critique you feel an affinity with? Or is it increasingly part of the comodification problem?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.


    • Hey Frank 🙂 That’s a pretty huge question which could take thousands of words to answer and would probably get a different personal answer from each craftivist. A great question though that’s made me (Sarah C) think lots about today- thank you:)

      My personal answer:
      First of all there are so many varieties of street art from stencils to Slinkachu’s tiny sculptures. Some street artists would say they are trying to provoke political discussion and some would say they don’t. We focus on provoking people in a non threatening, non preachy way through small art people have to spot/find & that does not permanently damage buildings (you can always cut our artwork off), always focusing on the positive of how the world is a beautiful place and can be even more beautiful if we all do our bit to eradicate injustices big and small, daily. So anything that differs to our method above might help you see what street artists we align with and don’t but can still appreciate & respect different methods and approaches. We have collaborated with the street artist Moose who does reverse/clean street art and definitely feel a connection with him and feel we have a common purpose.

      Also a lot of of our projects are not street art but craftivism pieces that are given to people to open dialogue, trust and a relationship with such our hanky project we give to politicians and other influential people. And some of our projects are about creating craftivist pieces for ourselves to keep & value in a visible place to remind us to be our best selves, keep on a positive journey and/or be part of the solution to make the world a better place rather than (sometimes accidentally) being part of the problem.

      I hope the above rambling thoughts partly answers your question 🙂

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